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trailer hitch
easy and simple activation on your own
You have retrofitted your trailer coupling and are failing to activate it on the vehicle? Even your authorised workshop or independent workshop you trust cannot technically manage the integration or simply does not offer it?

This is where we come in! Get your personal OBDAPP interface today with which you can easily implement the model-specific activation of the retrofitted towbar yourself.

How does it work? It's simple! Through our diagnostic partner status with VW AG, we ensure that the installed trailer coupling is correctly connected to the vehicle and that the retrofitted trailer control unit is fully integrated into the vehicle electronics.

Our OBDAPP carries out all the necessary steps fully automatically. All you have to do is plug the OBDAPP interface into the OBD port of your vehicle and activate the trailer coupling. Afterwards, nothing more stands in the way of the full use of your trailer coupling! All dependent control units (such as assistance systems, engine, chassis control or parking aid) are configured correctly and correspond to the factory settings.

Any error messages after installation of the trailer coupling without correct activation are therefore a thing of the past and you can move your vehicle safely again!

Procedure for retrofitting trailer hitch summarised:

  1. Install trailer coupling including control unit
  2. Order OBDAPP Interface for your car model
  3. Plug OBDAPP Interface into the OBD port of the vehicle
  4. Connect OBDAPP with OBDAPP Interface
  5. Activate the trailer coupling
  6. DONE!

Convinced? Order your AHK activation today!

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Example video of activation of a retrofitted trailer hitch with OBDAPP

OBDAPP fully automated checks for your trailer hitch retrofit:
  • installation status of AHK control unit (control unit correctly integrated in CAN bus and accessible)
  • country code AHK control unit (check for correct country setting)
  • checking double fan installation in the engine control unit and corresponding adjustment option from single fan to double fan if required (free selection option)
  • check and configuration of all installed control units for installation status AHK as well as corresponding definition of the necessary status for the gateway, all assistance systems as well as engine, brake and others
  • creation of a protocol on the successful activation of the retrofitted trailer hitch (check our OBDAPP.Blog)