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OBDAPP the history

It all started in 2017... with a bottle of water, late at night on a mild early summer day in May. Due to the almost innumerable customer inquiries that wanted a Bluetooth-enabled - i.e. wireless - coding interface, the idea arose to develop a completely new technology, which enables the user to master the complexity of the VAG vehicle models and the diverse control device landscape they contain. Admittedly, since only a new coding interface with Bluetooth function would be a bit boring, we tried to put everything we had into it.

The customer's requirement was relatively rudimentary when it came to the simplest common denominator: please switch the function on or off. (possibly both and at the same time please)

Nothing easier than that, we thought to ourselves and went to the highest possible mountain in the area to calmly develop a concept that, in a well-equipped mid-range car, which can have up to 50 built-in control units (and thus correspondingly dependent functional scopes depending on control unit allows for up to 3.7 million coding or adaptation variations in theory - the basis for calculation was unfortunately used as a grill lighter because there was no more alcohol available), hits the customer's desired denominator to the point.

As a result of this and taking into account the experience and, above all, wishes and suggestions from the numerous customer discussions, an essential goal was to reduce the application to the most necessary level, i.e. to simplify it, in order to be able to put the positive experience into everyone's own hands, the most complex and valuable asset , which we have (just after the wife) to have easily under control and to individualize as a man wishes: our own CAR

At this point we skip the boring time from software development to the finished product, which is understandable from the reader's point of view. The effort was rather manageable due to the rudimentary topic described at the beginning: function on or function off.

For this reason, flux is going into 2019, it was November 1st, 2019 to be exact. No, more precisely, it was 10:17 p.m. The OBDAPP was released to the world by APPLE in the corresponding AppStore and there was no holding back in the small, tranquil Röhrnbach. (almost everyone was asleep)
Android in the corresponding PlayStore was already publicly available the day before because the mills grind a little faster there!

The ongoing further development of the OBDAPP with useful functions, which are specially tailored to customer needs, is currently our greatest challenge and accordingly our daily incentive. Otherwise, the more than 2,000 functions that have been written in the meantime and are of course constantly being expanded are a piece of cake, which enables an early dinner.
Thanks for that (thanks go to VW for the fact that new vehicle versions appear on a monthly basis or that control unit updates are made)

The story will continue to be told as new milestones arise, which we are happy to share with you. You can read them here continuously, otherwise we are very pleased that you have taken the time to absorb our slightly agitated text and that you are thus showing us the greatest possible interest in our OBDAPP, which fills us with the greatest possible pride. So a big thank you and we hope you decide to follow our path together with your own OBDAPP. Best regards from the Bavarian Forest.


OBDAPP a success story writes itself through only in the team: Motivation, hard work and fun!

Stefan Kurz, Stefan Meier, Andreas Dichtleder, Michael Pfeffer

OBDAPP Team - Stefan Meier / CEO
"had the grandiose idea to do something and therefore relatively busy!"

born: 1987 in the peaceful Hutthurm, deep bavarian wood
hobbys: all sport activities (Fussball, Radsport, Langlauf/Skitour/Alpin, Laufen, Rudern, Klettern)

OBDAPP Team - Stefan Kurz / head of service
"has to iron out everything the boss doesn't have time for or the sales department tips in at the front without looking backwards!"

born: 1985 in Vilshofen, Bavaria
hobbys: Fussball, Tennis, Laufen

OBDAPP Team - Andreas Dichtleder / head of sales
"may be everywhere, must always be everywhere!"

Geboren: 1987 im idyllischen Salzweg, Vorzimmer Passau
Hobbys: Fussball, Golf, Yoga

OBDAPP social commitment

Social commitment is HUGE for us, so we would like to give you an overview if the income is not put into new vehicle projects, but we also support local projects that are very important to us:

2023 - sponsoring SV Schalding-Heining - Bayernliga Saison 2022/2023

2023 - donation Jarama / Afrika
We are proud and say a big thank you to Helmuth Rücker (3rd from left), Walter Bauer (2nd from left - 1st mayor of Eging am See), Markus Semmler (not in the picture), as well as all the helpers for organising our donation to children and young people who we have equipped with new footballs and kits to give them a lot of joy with one of our favourite sports: football! Senegal and especially Dindefelo is always worth a trip to support! #footballconnects #helfenistsoeinfach

2022 - Sponsoring FC Salzweg - Bezirksliga Ost Saison 2021/2022

2022 - donation Miravita Waldzell
This year we are again proud to participate in the fundraising campaign for Miravita in Waldzell (Austria) as part of FunRun 2022 (10th anniversary). In total, an incredible amount of 35,000€ was collected by all participants of the FunRun, 100% of which will go to Miravita so that they can make the necessary purchases.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Miravita team and their managing director Karin Sternbauer for their commitment, who do their best every day to make everyday life a positive experience for everyone and to provide maximum support in all areas! We look forward to visiting you and wish you all the best for the future!

2020 - sponsoring DJK Straßkirchen

2020 - donation kindergarden St. Michael in Röhrnbach, Bavaria

After the countless days when there were no kindergartens, we thought we would equip the St. Michael kindergarten in Röhrnbach with new Bobby Cars so that the little ones can come back to the daycare or kindergarten with even more joy and give it their all again.

Since the existing Bobby Car fleet has by far exceeded the end of the term - we could not find any engine damage, but it was clear to see that it was probably no longer at the next police check or at the upcoming HU tyres, chassis, brakes and or steering managed to get a driver's license.

We are therefore pleased that the little ones can now get going again and will definitely reach their goals again without injury!
(unfortunately no version with OBD interface was available, we requested this in advance)
#safetyfirstkids #OBDAPP #fahrNIVEAU

2020 - donation Kumplgut in Wels
the Kumplgut in Wels, Upper Austria offers space for children who can regenerate in a relaxed environment after a hospital stay and thus regain strength. They offer children and families a free stay at the adventure farm with playground, sports field, lots of attractions, as well as supervision by trained child and youth workers.

The aim is to give the children courage again and to convey joy and fun in life. We are therefore happy to support this project and wish all families a carefree and, above all, fun-filled stay for the little ones.

OBDAPP customer reviews

OBDAPP as individual as you are

we are very proud to be able to provide the world's best and unique solution for your individual needs for all VAG Group vehicles and we are always happy when we are given very special tasks.

We were happy to implement a very individual request from a dear customer who wanted to give a very special gift for Father's Day. We hope the gift is really well received and wish all customers a wonderful and relaxing holiday! Enjoys it!



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